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We’re revamping our password structure and so in the future you will need an individualized password to access the Mogs.   To receive yours please send an email to  ted@tedtick.com  or call him at  773-728-6996 or 1-800-552-2317.     Pre-requisite for admission:  Completion of Lessons 1-30.

    Link   to   Mogs

User name : see above message (thank you)
Password : see above messsage

When viewing the ‘Lessons’, the size of the Lessons display can be controlled by shifting the screen resolution of the computer (which has changed considerably since the Lessons were created in the late 90s). Go to “control panel/display/settings” and move the screen resolution slider to the left to reduce the resolution and thereby enlarge the Lessons display panel. Change back of course when you return to your regular computing tasks.